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TempAR v1.2 Released

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TempAR v1.2 Released

Post by ☆spooks on Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:48 pm

Developer raing3 comes through with a new version of TempAR — the Action Replay / CWCHEAT NitePR Mod — used for cheating each and every PSP (POPS too!) game. Because lets face it, some of those GTA missions are fucking hard.

Instructions for our new readers:

1. Copy the whole TempAR directory to seplugins and add this line — ms0:/seplugins/TempAR/tempar.prx 1 — to game.txt.
2. Start your game and press the “Home” button twice followed by VOL UP + VOL DOWN.
3. Enable whatever cheats and press “Note” to activate ‘em.

TempAR v1.2:

* [+] Upper bits of fake addresses can now be retrieved. eg. Use 0x0A000002 to read the kernel mode buttons using the 16-bit PSPAR code types.
* [+] Added an option to hijack the PSPAR button codes. This option if enabled will change PSPAR codes with code types 0×09 and 0x0A and an address of 0x09F00000 or higher to be treated as a button joker code. This makes codes such as the GTA: VCS moonjump code work without altering the code.
* [+] Menu key, trigger key and screenshot key can now be configured under PRX.
* [+] The POPS version now uses a different config file to the PSP version.
* [+] Added PC CWCheatPOPS to PSPAR code converter.
* [!] Fixed problem copying address from codelist to the Browser/Decoder.
* [!] Button press prompt is no longer displayed on load. This should fix display problems with PSP Filer and probably some other homebrew/games.
* [!] Fixed the 0×08 CWCheat code type.
* [!] Codes which attempt to write a 16-bit value to 8-bit address or a 32-bit value to 8/16-bit address will no longer crash the PSP.
* [!] MAC address patch is off by default to fix networking problems while plugin is enabled. User must remove config.bin for this change to take effect.

Download: TempAR v1.2

- source: psp-hacks.com

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