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PSP Go!Cam

Post by ☆spooks on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:02 pm


The PSP Camera is a digital camera peripheral by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable handheld video game system. In Japan, the PSP-300 was released as the Chotto Shot (ちょっとショット, "Quick Shot") on November 2, 2006. In Singapore, the PSP Camera released on the same year. For PAL territories, it is named the Go!Cam, and was released May 25, 2007.

The camera mounts atop the Sony PSP via the USB connection slot and a screw. It can take still photographs and record video with audio. The microphone can also be used with the Talkman program and others. The Camera was announced a CES 2008 but has not been released in North America yet.

A lower resolution version, the PSP-450x, was introduced in 2009.

Editing software

he Chotto Shot camera comes with a UMD used to edit photos and video clips, though the UMD is in Japanese, so non-Japanese users who imported it might not understand this only language option.

The Go!Cam camera does not come with a UMD but instead has an available download for it called Go!Edit. Go!Edit is a program that enables extended usage of the Go!Cam and includes features that enable pictures and videos to be edited. Go!Edit requires PSP system firmware of 3.40 or above to be used. The Go!Edit download and manual is available at: http://www.yourpsp.com/goedit/download-en_gb?.html. Aside from English, the Go!Edit program is also available in Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Suomi (Finnish), Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish, all available for download from http://yourpsp.com/goedit/.

The PSP camera can use firmware version 3.09 or higher to take photographs or videos with English on-screen instructions. Users can do so by selecting "CAMERA" under the "PHOTO" menu. Once taken, the photo or video will then be saved to the user’s Memory Stick. Saved videos can be uploaded to the Internet from any wireless connection.

Video recording length

Go!Edit videos can only be taken for a length of 15 seconds and then edited; however accessing the camera through the XMB menu means the video recording length depends on the size of your Memory Stick. Also note that video quality can be changed so the less quality the longer time you can record for and vice-versa. Using the best quality setting (480x272 and Fine quality) you can record one and a half hours of video on a 4 GB Memory Stick Duo.

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