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PSP skins

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PSP skins

Post by Drking on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:00 pm

Refresh your tired and common looking psp into a piece of art there are many different types of designs.
you can get specialised skins for your psp's model for example my psp is: psp-1000 so i will need a specific skin so it will fit there are also skins for the 3000 generation but not as much as 1000 and 2000. they are relatively cheap as well you can get one skin for under £6 i am not sure on how much they are out of England, sorry.

You can them online if you just search psp skins in to a search engine, you can also get them at retail agents and gaming stores i am sure they will be there.

looking at these designs i might go and get one tommorow Very Happy


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PSP : psp-1000 black

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