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[review] Gran Turismo -Drking

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[review] Gran Turismo -Drking

Post by Drking on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:10 pm

Gran Tursimo (GT) is a racing simulator game and has come to the psp in October 2009, it was greatly awaited by fans of the franchise. Only on Playstaion.

Gran turismo was announced in 2004's E3 and it was finally released in october in 2009, when the psp Go was released it could be bought on umd or be downloaded from the playstation store this game sold over half a million in a couple of months.

The game runs at a smooth 60 fps which is why the games graphics and the movements of the cars are so smooth it is rare to find a game that runs at 60 fps this is part of the reason why the game was near a Gig of memory, the graphics are really quite good for a psp, the terrain, the track and most importantly the cars look good there are around about 800 cars in this game which is also a factor of its big memory in the game there are exotic car manufacturers like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferraris and so on, there are also manufacturers that use mass production for example Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi, etc. The game also has 35 tracks including some tracks from GT3 which is also good to play the classic trail mountain (my favourite, my ownage track.)
The game has 4 modes: Time trail, Drift mode, Normal race and Challenge
In Time trail you try and beat the best lap time you can play freely without no other AI playing with you and compete with your friends.
Drift mode is where you drift in between to cones and try to rack up the most points I personally think its quite hard, and its hard to drift in GT any ways. You get to choose the track you wont to drift on.
In Normal mode it allows you to pick cars that you have brought (so do the other modes except in challenge mode) it also allows you to choose the amount of laps you do the more laps the more amount of credit you get, you also choose the track and the AI level you start of with Level D then as you beat them more levels will get unlocked, the higher the level, the harder the AI, The more credit you get.Simple
Challenge mode gets bloody hard, you may think damn this is some easy shizzle but it gets harder and harder i aint even got bronze in all challenges.

Garage, Dealership
The game features 800 cars which are hard to get because you can not just go to the dealership and pick the manufacturer you want to buy the car from you have to wait until the manufacturer gets to the dealership box because after each race 6 manufacturers are randomly picked and put into the dealership which can be quite frustrating, as I have nearly 50 cars, some cars that I got are generally good for racing like the pagani zonda, the GT40 and BMW m3 series and so on, but i have cars that i just bought ''/ which wasted credit but they look good so im not bothered i have finally got enough credit (2,000,000= alot of races) to buy my Bugatti Veron or the Formula 1 car, tough decision but i aint seen the manufactures to buy them any ways sooo more races till i get the manufacturer

This game doesn't have infrastructure which is a shame but it was to be expected i think it will be hard for the psp to handle 60 fps on a wireless internet connection against people acroos the world.
It does have ad hoc though where you can play against your friend for credits and you can also trade cars which is a nice touch.

This si a bloody good game this is my favourite racing game on the psp due to its realism and the outstanding graphics and the amount of cars they put into the game. The game could have had like a mode where you use your cars to win tournaments like GT3 also an infrastructure mode but im not that fussed about that

This game has amazing graphics totally worth picking up at the shop as it cheap now around £12 (England)
the gameplay is good and i have played about over 150 races which are 5 laps long, this shows how much i like it
overall good game 8/10

Thats GT done i will be doing.
Rockband Unplugged (requested by Spooks) now that i just got it (again) so that should be up in 2 days which will be the 28th August
Reply ! any questions ? request what game i should do next



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Re: [review] Gran Turismo -Drking

Post by ☆spooks on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:21 pm

Awesome game review Smile thanks for the upcoming rockband review Very Happy


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Re: [review] Gran Turismo -Drking

Post by xenochrophis on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:23 pm

the best driving game on psp and i think the adhoc party compensates for the infrastructure mode only if you have a ps3 that is .
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Re: [review] Gran Turismo -Drking

Post by TehGamerr on Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:07 pm

Yeah, pretty cool.
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Re: [review] Gran Turismo -Drking

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