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[review] Medal Of Honour Heroes -Drking

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[review] Medal Of Honour Heroes -Drking

Post by Drking on Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:34 pm

This has to be one of my most favourite game on psp

I have spent many hours playing this game, mostly playing skirmish mode where its a free for all, you against AI (Artificial Intelligence) i think have spent most of my time nearly 24 hours of in game time playing this mode :O it is so fun and the AI is quite responsive and are alert.


This game is a 1st person shooter and you move forward, backward and sideways with the analog stick and you aim with x circle and so on. you ADS (aim down the sights) by holding the L shoulder button which will increase your accuracy, to aim seems harder then it actually is because the auto aim is good but too good hmmmm -.- . The auto aim is like the aim on call of duty but much more sensitive to enemies, which is good for new players but may seem to easy for the experienced FPS players but i think you can turn of the auto aim in the options but dont quote me on that.

There is a story mode where you do six missions in 3 countries wich is not bad but i would prefer more but thats just me, there is also skirmish mode wich i have covered in the beginning, thees is also infrastructure and ad-hoc YAY =D which is good but i dont play online because i aint got the patience of loading into a lobby then exiting because of the spammers but overall online gameplay is pretty sharp but im not a great fan of playing online on it but thats just me. I prefer to play skirmish which has the same play style as online except for the different game modes online.

Overall as i said before this is one of the best FPS 's on psp and as i like those sort of games more than other types i will give this game 8/10
It has good game modes and has good online the graphics are ok and the sound is good so that justifies my rating

Ah man thats medal of honour down(Whew) sorry that its been long time since i done one but i have just got back to going to school and i have a ton of work to do , and sorry that this is shorter than normal, its shorter because i got to get my ICT and Business work done by tomorrow so i better get doing it :p



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Re: [review] Medal Of Honour Heroes -Drking

Post by ☆spooks on Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:21 pm

Awesome review Smile yeah.. school sucks


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