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[221pieman] Gameplay maker application

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[221pieman] Gameplay maker application

Post by pieman221 on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:41 pm

1. Whats your name? Keith
2. How old are you? 13
3. Where are you from? usa
4. Do you use custom firmware on your PSP? no
5. Why would are you interested in making gameplay videos? Because i find it a very fin experience to inform other people about psp games and show people what some games are like and i enjoy sharing what i enjoy doing with others.
6. Do you know how to record and make gameplay videos just like us? i cant use remote joy so i just use a camera
7. Do you have a sound cable for the PSP? no
8. Do you have a Program for editing the Videos? no i only have windows media
9. Do you understand that there will be no profit for you unless we will become partners? yes i no and i have no longing to make money making videos
10. Would you be an active member in video making and in forum? i can be extremely active
11. How can we contact you? youtube, i may be getting skype soon
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