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Prometheus ME631 Released; Better Support for 6.30+ Required Games

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Prometheus ME631 Released; Better Support for 6.30+ Required Games

Post by ☆spooks on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:16 pm

Liquidzigong is back with what he does best — Prometheus ME631. ME631? Yeah, new name, new things… This is the version of Prometheus where a few steps are required:

1. Create an ISO of whatever 6.20+ (6.30 & 6.31) required game.
2. Open that ISO in WQSG_UMD and browse to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR.
3. Extract EBOOT.BIN to a temporary folder.
4. Use PRXDecrypter to decrypt the extracted EBOOT.BIN file and rename it to EBOOT.OLD.
5. Extract the Prometheus ME631 RAR archive so you have a new EBOOT.BIN and many other prx files.
6. Drag ‘n drop EBOOT.OLD, EBOOT.BIN and all those other prx files to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR in WQSG_UMD.
7. Copy the ISO to your memory stick and try it out.

What’s changed?

* Second Story, God Eater Burst Demo, Yu-Gi-5, and MHP3 Demo are now working.

Download: Download

- source: a9vg
- taken from: psp-hacks.com


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