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GoTube v1.2 Released: YouTube and More on the PSP!

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GoTube v1.2 Released: YouTube and More on the PSP!

Post by ☆spooks on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:22 pm

Biscottealacrevette is back with a new version of GoTube… Two versions actually: GoTube v1.2 and GoTube v1.2 High Memory Mod (HMM) for a faster and more responsive video viewing experience. Both versions have been packed into one archive, so when you unzip “GoTube_v1.2.zip” (download below) you’ll be left with “GoTube1.2.zip” and “GoTube1.2HMM.zip.” Unzip either or and you got your GoTube EBOOT.

GoTube is fundamentally based on Sofiyacat’s PSPTube. With that as a base and a little javascript you’re able to add support for various video sharing websites: YouTube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, *cough* RedTube… The list goes on. GoTube also incorporates a clever means of adding/removing support for sites using Internet Radio. Watch:

GoTube v1.2:

* You can delete sites that are no longer using the updater
* You can change your preferences without using your PC:
o Folder Favorites
o Default Zoom
o Svideo mode of PSPslim (interlaced or progressive)
o The multiview (possibility to see the next site in the top bar)
* The new script can play Youtube videos protected by WMG and videos whose mode “embeded” has been disabled by the uploader.
* You can enable / disable via the High Memory Mod updater.

Download here

- source: pspgen
- taken from: psp-hacks.com


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Re: GoTube v1.2 Released: YouTube and More on the PSP!

Post by Drking on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:40 pm

Just downloaded Yes


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